My name is Aisling MacKay and I am a Content and Managing Editor from San Francisco, CA. Born and raised on the West Coast, I have been writing for over 20 years. I have a BA in human development and early childhood education. Within my professional journey I built and managed a business for eleven years. Editing is something that I enjoy and have a genuine passion for. I spent many years beta reading, proofreading, and editing for friends and acquaintances, which led to my current position as the Managing Editor for an online magazine. My experiences in running a business and working with children have gifted me with the ability to organize and communicate. I have a strong understanding of people, and I am able to listen effectively. I believe professionalism and friendliness go hand in hand and are necessary components to achieving goals. I am excited by the written word, get giddy over learning something new, and have a passion for coffee.

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In the Pantheon

A creative writing magazine telling the story of the Greek Gods in modern times.